Holliday treats!

Hello and happy holidays everyone! We’re in the final push of the semester so I’m filling my days with studying for finals, watching the Inbetweeners on Netflix and pinning like crazy! So really not much different than I normally do… Anyway, I love the holidays. I have so much fun making holiday treats and picking out fun gifts to give and of course, christmas pajamas. It’s a tradition I’ve had since I was a little kid to have a certain pair of winter themed pajamas to snuggle up in at the end of the day and thanks to Black Friday I’ve been able to keep it up! Target always seems to have the best deals on fleece pajama pants in cute wintery patterns.

Now that I’ve gotten completely off topic talking about my pajama pants… This blog post is actually dedicated to something my cousin Sarah pinned and made! While I was content to make a pumpkin pie and a (delicious) apple raspberry coleslaw, Sarah went all out for Thanksgiving dinner. She handled the appetizers and brought a cheese ball in the shape of a pumpkin, complete with the orange color and stem!


The best part of all was the outside. This was like every snackers dream. It was covered in crushed up Doritos! The actual cheese was a blend of cheddar and cream cheese. It wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but since when has that been a thing at Thanksgiving??


She is making one for Christmas eve but has us all guessing what shape that one will be. I feel like this should be a new family tradition… She always makes a lamb cake at Easter, so Sarah is our creative chef, I think she could keep it up for every holiday get together!

Coming up… My friend Shalyn and I are making these on Friday!


Mine is going to be about half that size. And probably not going to look anything near that cute. Cause I’ve learned during this project that while I really like pinning things and the idea of making these awesome complicated crafts, it turns out that in the immortal words of Sweet Brown…





I have fancy carpeting. It’s made of clothes and shoes.

It must be the end of the semester.

Why? Oh you know, I have about 200000 things due and I can’t see the floor of my apartment in many places anymore. Yikes.

Confession: I’m kind of a messy person. I’m not DIRTY, I’m just… preoccupied. I’m weirdly organized about some things, like my computer filing system, and I like when my stuff is organized, but that always comes last in my book and when I’m as busy as I have been the last 2 weeks, it tends to fall by the wayside.

I’m all about finding quick solutions to cleaning, especially things that I can just leave for an hour and then rinse clean (scrubbing bubbles are one of my favorite things. I actually think I’m going to put a few cans on my Christmas list…) but I don’t like all the chemicals that tend to be involved with that. Why must you foresake me, you cute little bubbles? I don’t mind you in my bathtub but there’s no way I’m using you in my kitchen…. Anything that I’m going to cook with calls for the more natural route.

On pinterest, I found a tip to clean the toilet by simply dumping in some baking soda and leaving it overnight. I can confirm that it actually works like a charm. And it keeps the fridge from smelling off. The latest pin I tried involves white vinegar, which is something that does just about everything, apparently. I used a tablespoonish of it with hot water to soak my makeup brushes in and it worked so well! I don’t buy crazy expensive brushes but I really like the ones I have so finding a cheap way to clean them was kind of a godsend. The other fun trick I learned? Mix white vinegar with a cup of water and microwave for 10 minutes. It steam cleans the microwave! Now, the pin is deceiving because the junk in the microwave doesn’t just up and vanish but if you wipe it down with a sponge after the mixture, it comes off like nothing.

So there you have it! I don’t have any pictures right now but if I get some more time to try some other quick solutions this weekend I will update!

Wishing everyone luck with the end of the semester, just remember: it’s almost Thanksgiving/Black Friday!!!


I like to live my life by this philosophy.

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A special Halloweenie post!

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, I guess that’s belated now since it’s officially November (which BTW WHAT?)

I love Halloween. I don’t really know any of the history or anything but I don’t care, because to me its about eating candy and painting pumpkins and dressing up as something awesome!

I love Halloween costumes. I went through a phase where I was a sassy cat or a leopard like 3 years in a row and just wore ears and a leopard print dress of some kind and a tail, maybe a collar, but now I’m making up for lost time and I love making up silly costumes. Last year I was Hello Kitty, I got the ears and bow headband from Hot Topic but I refused to wear the out of the bag costume and I made my own. It was ADORABLE but I didn’t get a SINGLE picture because I went home for Halloween and no one brought a camera. The year before that my friend and I dressed as Hogwarts students, I was a slytherin and she was a gryphindor so that turned out kind of freaking adorable. But this year, I had Pinterest to help guide me….

I started planning around my birthday at the beginning of October… I knew my friends and I would do a group costume and we considered the Fierce Five, but there are more than 5 of us so that wouldn’t really work. We eventually decided to do Disney princesses. But that was not what I was worried about. I also needed to come up with an individual costume and so the pinning began…

My pinterest halloween board is full of my inspirations for my costume. I decided to be “La Calavera Catrina” which means the Elegant Skull. She is a traditional Mexican Dia De Los Muertos figure. I’ve always loved her imagery and I thought it would be fun to pay some tribute to my heritage this year. And so with that settled, I started the DIY process.

After an exhaustive search on Ebay (like 20 minutes) I found these great Day of the Dead temporary tattoos with all the patterns I wanted to use for REALLY cheap. Like a couple dollars. I bought a bunch of gorgeous pink marigold style flowers at Hobby Lobby and some cute little white ones for accents. Fake flowers are NOT cheap, as it turns out. That was probably what I spent the most on. For the outfit, I found a high low lace skirt that I wanted anyway and bought that, and just wore a black top with it. The biggest part of this costume was the hair and makeup so at about 7:30 Saturday night I started the transformation. My best friend from home was visiting for the night and she was lucky enough to arrive when my hair was exactly at this stage:Image
She knows me pretty well, so she wasn’t all that surprised.

I have really thick hair and it holds a tease like you wouldn’t believe so that made my job fairly easy. I used Not Your Mother’s Volumizing hair power which is magical and then back combed till I could back comb no more. Then I added some pink extensions and pulled it back into a half pony. The makeup ended up getting really tricky and even with two of us working on the tattoos, they just didn’t do what I wanted and it was 11pm by then so we just winged it with the eyes. I came out looking like this:

ImageNot exactly what I wanted, but it did the trick considering I didn’t have a team of makeup artists like the pictures I pinned on Pinterest!

So now on to Disney Princesses for actual Halloween night. I was supposed to be Rapunzel from Tangled, but the costume just wasn’t working. I couldn’t really find anything I needed and when I went to braid my wig last night it all but fell apart. So I was minorly distraught when I had a brain wave… I don’t know if you heard, but Disney bought Lucas Films and the rights to Star Wars. That indirectly makes one Princess Leia the newest Disney princess, and I realized this would be HILLARIOUS if I could pull it off. I didn’t tell my friends and so when I showed up like this:


The newest princess…. And most BA.

They were pretty surprised. And I mean totally shocked! It was AWESOME. And one of the easiest costumes I’ve ever put together. I bought a white turtle neck from Walmart after work tonight, and I made the skirt out of a white spandex camisole that I stretched over a regular mini and then safety pinned in place. I also bought a gun while I was at Walmart, because whats Leia without a blaster? and everything else I already had at home!

Nerdiest. Best. Idea. Ever. My parents (who bought me the special edition box set of the original trilogy for Christmas when I was like 6) were oh so proud. Then again, they are total nerds deep down too….

I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun with a costume!

Now Halloween is over, and all I can do is hope for some good theme parties soon!

Tis the season to paint pumpkins!

Ah, pumpkin season! My favorite. Ever since I was a kid, I loved pumpkins. Going to the pumpkin patch was one of my favorite things to do, my sister and I would always fight over the same pumpkin and who had the biggest, leaving my poor mom to lug the giants back.

The only thing I didn’t love was the carving part. For one thing, my mom and dad were smart enough not to let a 5 and an 8 year old have knives, so we just drew our designs on and they did the actual carving. Mine always looked just WRONG. And then I got angry and threw a temper tantrum and got sent to my room with no roasted pumpkin seeds. LAME.

After multiple years of meltdowns, my parents changed their approach and we started painting pumpkins. That worked out MUCH better and I loved making faces on the little pumpkins and turning them into the little sister pumpkins, dogs, cats, and parrots.

Pinterest has some awesome examples of the sweet things you can do with a pumpkin and some paint.Image
via sunshineandcarousels.blogspot.com

Image adorable.


via lilsugar.com

Painting pumpkins is fun and much less mess, much more creativity, as you can see. Me and my girlfriends decided to celebrate Halloween and paint pumpkins during Monday’s debate.

Imagehard at work! I love to paint, I’m not great at it but it makes me so relaxed!

ImageAstrid and her Bears pumpkin and Shalyn and her princess pumpkin

ImageShalyn’s pumpkin!

Shalyn and Astrid accidentally bought washable paint, so getting it to stay ended up being a really big problem. We all out our pumpkins in front of a big fan to dry faster, so Shalyn and Astrid’s just took longer to get there.

So that was that! Lots of fun for everyone involved and no knife fights!




I leave you with this… Enjoy Halloween weekend!

subway art

My former boss/photographer/BA mom to an equally BA toddler repins some of the best stuff on pinterest. This one was a photoshop tutorial to make subway art. I love the gritty look that it produces, and I can actually work photoshop so I decided to try it. I want to make some new art for my apartment and maybe do some cool graphic modgepodging for christmas gifts this year so this easy tutorial is a great find!

Check it out…


Thats actually not the color it’s supposed to be more of a teal but somehow the internet keeps messing up my photoshop stuff when I change it to a jpeg…. Any techies out there know why?

Anyway the instructions are here: subway art from saved by love creations

I can’t wait to frame it and make a few more to go along with it. Anyone have quote suggestions?

Happy almost weekend! I leave you with this:


WELL. Break is …

WELL. Break is over and it went far too quickly! I did just about nothing because I had an eye infection, and because I chose to stay in my pajamas until 6 pm watching Parenthood and once upon a time!

So I didn’t do a project this week…. but I’m saving it all up for the big pin project………


Stay tuned… Crazy cool things are coming. Well, the ideas are there and the pieces are coming together… lets see if it actually works out…


So an update: I finally  got my laptop back and it is glorious! I missed it so much, but I can really appreciate having it now! Sometimes not having your stuff can be good for you, it helps you focus on whats important.

Of course since my life is CRAZY now I lost my hamster Gus in my apartment somewhere… He made a daring escape yesterday, and since he is a very skittish robo-dwarf, he’s tiny and FAST!  I keep spotting him but he always gets away! I almost had him when he hid behind the fridge today but he somehow Hoodini’d his way out of my traps and is somewhere else now… I left his cage open on the floor so he can at least get in and get food and water in case I can’t catch him before I leave for fall break.

Like I said, CRAZY LIFE. But it could be boring, and that would probably be worse!


To the pinterest project of the week…………

This one is pretty awesome………

and it actually worked……..



So the original idea was this and when I went to hob lobs for supplies, I decided to change it up a little. Luckily, tweaking this recipe worked out better than the peanut butter mug cookie. I used a magnetic bulletin board, which is pretty nifty in and of itself, and the frame came on its own. I love hobby lobby because they have cool stuff like the frame (which was also in hot pink and lime green) and everything is ALWAYS on sale! The frames were 50 percent off that day so I had to go for it.

Putting it together was a little difficult, I had to try a few different things. The first time I tried to pull the wood off the frame of the board and just super glue it into the frame.

NOPE. The wood just splintered everywhere and it was dangerous.

Then I tried to cover it with this cute but never used zebra pillow case so it would stay on better.

NOPE. Just ruined a pillowcase with super glue and made a mess.

So I decided to craft my way, and after I super glued the board right to the frame (the two were slightly different sizes so that made it complicated) I just grabbed my handy dandy roll of duck tape and went to town!

And you know what, it’s not pretty in the back, but it worked! And I love it!

I’m going to use fall break to collect some pictures and finish the front, then I just have to decide where to hang it!

Speaking of break, I’m just hoping I make it that far! I know I’m about to get sick and I’m just refusing to let it happen until Saturday morning (going to the Rams game Thursday night and a wedding Friday so I can’t be sick till then, when I can curl up and watch lifetime movies by the fire with my best friend. Romantic I know.) so I’m really hoping my body cooperates. Annnd since my birthday was Monday and I’m feeling a little weird about being 22 and grown up allegedly….


Have a safe, relaxing fall break Bradley friends! And for people who are real adults and don’t get fall breaks, I’m sorry. But you still have the weekend to get your craft on!!

Cookies in a cup!

So I have a loaner laptop but it doesn’t have a way to get my pictures on easily! So I’m going to try something new with this wordpress app!!
So I really wanted a cookie tonight… And I pinned a great looking recipe for a peanut butter cookie made in a mug in the microwave.
It looked super legit

It turned out not so much. Tasted boring. Looked not good. But I can’t blame the recipe because I was out of vanilla and I don’t have any kosher salt… So I bypassed those and I think that was the issue. I mean, it was ok. But it was NOT what the pin looked like!!

I really like the blog it’s from, it’s called www.number-2-pencil.com and there are all kinds of quick recipes and home tricks.


It was fun to make, though!

And since its apparently siblings day/ my sister loaned me her laptop….

Oh no….

bad news bears: My laptophad a meltdown last night and it is officially dead until further notice. What I thought was a bad hard drive tuned into a bad connectorfor the hard drive, which is still messed up. I am officially depressed. my laptop is my baby and without I am just lost. to make things worse i forgot my kindle fire at my moms house in stl so I am living ff my phone and borrowed library compters.

so all of this means: no pinterest project this week. :(I made something really cute but that post will just have to wait for now…

Coffee Candles!

Ah, Wednesday night again. A million things done today, again. And a VERY early morning tomorrow!

But… I came home to an apartment that smelled like coffee beans, so I was happy as a clam!

Over the weekend I had a crafting fest and made the coffee candles I’ve wanted to make since I pinned them last year! Here is the pin and I’m happy to say, mine looked just as good! I used clear glass bowls but I actually liked them better. They are such a great fall decorating piece and they were only about 3 dollars to make! Dollars store models and bowls, and Aldi coffee beans kept this on my student budget!

This is a must try. MUST.