Cookies in a cup!

So I have a loaner laptop but it doesn’t have a way to get my pictures on easily! So I’m going to try something new with this wordpress app!! So I really wanted a cookie tonight… And I pinned a great looking recipe for a peanut butter cookie made in a mug in the microwave. […]

Oh no….

bad news bears: My laptophad a meltdown last night and it is officially dead until further notice. What I thought was a bad hard drive tuned into a bad connectorfor the hard drive, which is still messed up. I am officially depressed. my laptop is my baby and without I am just lost. to make […]

Coffee Candles!

Ah, Wednesday night again. A million things done today, again. And a VERY early morning tomorrow! But… I came home to an apartment that smelled like coffee beans, so I was happy as a clam! Over the weekend I had a crafting fest and made the coffee candles I’ve wanted to make since I pinned […]