Coffee Candles!

Ah, Wednesday night again. A million things done today, again. And a VERY early morning tomorrow!

But… I came home to an apartment that smelled like coffee beans, so I was happy as a clam!

Over the weekend I had a crafting fest and made the coffee candles I’ve wanted to make since I pinned them last year! Here is the pin and I’m happy to say, mine looked just as good! I used clear glass bowls but I actually liked them better. They are such a great fall decorating piece and they were only about 3 dollars to make! Dollars store models and bowls, and Aldi coffee beans kept this on my student budget!

This is a must try. MUST.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Candles!

  1. I love the smell of coffee, so this actually sounds like a pretty cool idea! I wonder if it is as strong of a scent as actually making coffee, though….

  2. Definitely a great idea for fall, especially if you used pumpkin spice coffee beans! Now I bet you are craving coffee ALL the time! haha

  3. ahh! I love the smell of coffee! That’s a really cool idea! The smell of coffee makes me want to drink coffee! I feel like having these around would make me drink so much more coffee then I already do! If I ever get a break from all the homework I have, I’ll have to try making these candles myself!

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