Oh no….

bad news bears: My laptophad a meltdown last night and it is officially dead until further notice. What I thought was a bad hard drive tuned into a bad connectorfor the hard drive, which is still messed up. I am officially depressed. my laptop is my baby and without I am just lost. to make things worse i forgot my kindle fire at my moms house in stl so I am living ff my phone and borrowed library compters.

so all of this means: no pinterest project this week. :(I made something really cute but that post will just have to wait for now…


3 thoughts on “Oh no….

  1. A computer problem is probably the most frustrating thing ever!! I remember freshman year when my computer broke down 3 different times, and it was so stressful and time consuming trying to get it fixed! Hopefully you get your computer back soon!

  2. #firstworldpains? I understand how not having a lap top even for a few hours while in college could be stressful, but think of all the things you doo have! Imagine how hard it would be without a smart phone! And thank goodness for the pinterest app 😉

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