Cookies in a cup!

So I have a loaner laptop but it doesn’t have a way to get my pictures on easily! So I’m going to try something new with this wordpress app!!
So I really wanted a cookie tonight… And I pinned a great looking recipe for a peanut butter cookie made in a mug in the microwave.
It looked super legit

It turned out not so much. Tasted boring. Looked not good. But I can’t blame the recipe because I was out of vanilla and I don’t have any kosher salt… So I bypassed those and I think that was the issue. I mean, it was ok. But it was NOT what the pin looked like!!

I really like the blog it’s from, it’s called and there are all kinds of quick recipes and home tricks.


It was fun to make, though!

And since its apparently siblings day/ my sister loaned me her laptop….


2 thoughts on “Cookies in a cup!

  1. It’s funny how often we make recipes and are missing an ingredient but think, “oh well, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference, right?” … wrong. haha I remember being younger and forgetting the baking powder/soda baking cookies once, my family laughed about it for days!

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