Tis the season to paint pumpkins!

Ah, pumpkin season! My favorite. Ever since I was a kid, I loved pumpkins. Going to the pumpkin patch was one of my favorite things to do, my sister and I would always fight over the same pumpkin and who had the biggest, leaving my poor mom to lug the giants back. The only thing […]

subway art

My former boss/photographer/BA mom to an equally BA toddler repins some of the best stuff on pinterest. This one was a photoshop tutorial to make subway art. I love the gritty look that it produces, and I can actually work photoshop so I decided to try it. I want to make some new art for […]

WELL. Break is …

WELL. Break is over and it went far too quickly! I did just about nothing because I had an eye infection, and because I chose to stay in my pajamas until 6 pm watching Parenthood and once upon a time! So I didn’t do a project this week…. but I’m saving it all up for […]


So an update: I finally¬† got my laptop back and it is glorious! I missed it so much, but I can really appreciate having it now! Sometimes not having your stuff can be good for you, it helps you focus on whats important. Of course since my life is CRAZY now I lost my hamster […]