So an update: I finally  got my laptop back and it is glorious! I missed it so much, but I can really appreciate having it now! Sometimes not having your stuff can be good for you, it helps you focus on whats important.

Of course since my life is CRAZY now I lost my hamster Gus in my apartment somewhere… He made a daring escape yesterday, and since he is a very skittish robo-dwarf, he’s tiny and FAST!  I keep spotting him but he always gets away! I almost had him when he hid behind the fridge today but he somehow Hoodini’d his way out of my traps and is somewhere else now… I left his cage open on the floor so he can at least get in and get food and water in case I can’t catch him before I leave for fall break.

Like I said, CRAZY LIFE. But it could be boring, and that would probably be worse!


To the pinterest project of the week…………

This one is pretty awesome………

and it actually worked……..



So the original idea was this and when I went to hob lobs for supplies, I decided to change it up a little. Luckily, tweaking this recipe worked out better than the peanut butter mug cookie. I used a magnetic bulletin board, which is pretty nifty in and of itself, and the frame came on its own. I love hobby lobby because they have cool stuff like the frame (which was also in hot pink and lime green) and everything is ALWAYS on sale! The frames were 50 percent off that day so I had to go for it.

Putting it together was a little difficult, I had to try a few different things. The first time I tried to pull the wood off the frame of the board and just super glue it into the frame.

NOPE. The wood just splintered everywhere and it was dangerous.

Then I tried to cover it with this cute but never used zebra pillow case so it would stay on better.

NOPE. Just ruined a pillowcase with super glue and made a mess.

So I decided to craft my way, and after I super glued the board right to the frame (the two were slightly different sizes so that made it complicated) I just grabbed my handy dandy roll of duck tape and went to town!

And you know what, it’s not pretty in the back, but it worked! And I love it!

I’m going to use fall break to collect some pictures and finish the front, then I just have to decide where to hang it!

Speaking of break, I’m just hoping I make it that far! I know I’m about to get sick and I’m just refusing to let it happen until Saturday morning (going to the Rams game Thursday night and a wedding Friday so I can’t be sick till then, when I can curl up and watch lifetime movies by the fire with my best friend. Romantic I know.) so I’m really hoping my body cooperates. Annnd since my birthday was Monday and I’m feeling a little weird about being 22 and grown up allegedly….


Have a safe, relaxing fall break Bradley friends! And for people who are real adults and don’t get fall breaks, I’m sorry. But you still have the weekend to get your craft on!!


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