A special Halloweenie post!

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, I guess that’s belated now since it’s officially November (which BTW WHAT?)

I love Halloween. I don’t really know any of the history or anything but I don’t care, because to me its about eating candy and painting pumpkins and dressing up as something awesome!

I love Halloween costumes. I went through a phase where I was a sassy cat or a leopard like 3 years in a row and just wore ears and a leopard print dress of some kind and a tail, maybe a collar, but now I’m making up for lost time and I love making up silly costumes. Last year I was Hello Kitty, I got the ears and bow headband from Hot Topic but I refused to wear the out of the bag costume and I made my own. It was ADORABLE but I didn’t get a SINGLE picture because I went home for Halloween and no one brought a camera. The year before that my friend and I dressed as Hogwarts students, I was a slytherin and she was a gryphindor so that turned out kind of freaking adorable. But this year, I had Pinterest to help guide me….

I started planning around my birthday at the beginning of October… I knew my friends and I would do a group costume and we considered the Fierce Five, but there are more than 5 of us so that wouldn’t really work. We eventually decided to do Disney princesses. But that was not what I was worried about. I also needed to come up with an individual costume and so the pinning began…

My pinterest halloween board is full of my inspirations for my costume. I decided to be “La Calavera Catrina” which means the Elegant Skull. She is a traditional Mexican Dia De Los Muertos figure. I’ve always loved her imagery and I thought it would be fun to pay some tribute to my heritage this year. And so with that settled, I started the DIY process.

After an exhaustive search on Ebay (like 20 minutes) I found these great Day of the Dead temporary tattoos with all the patterns I wanted to use for REALLY cheap. Like a couple dollars. I bought a bunch of gorgeous pink marigold style flowers at Hobby Lobby and some cute little white ones for accents. Fake flowers are NOT cheap, as it turns out. That was probably what I spent the most on. For the outfit, I found a high low lace skirt that I wanted anyway and bought that, and just wore a black top with it. The biggest part of this costume was the hair and makeup so at about 7:30 Saturday night I started the transformation. My best friend from home was visiting for the night and she was lucky enough to arrive when my hair was exactly at this stage:Image
She knows me pretty well, so she wasn’t all that surprised.

I have really thick hair and it holds a tease like you wouldn’t believe so that made my job fairly easy. I used Not Your Mother’s Volumizing hair power which is magical and then back combed till I could back comb no more. Then I added some pink extensions and pulled it back into a half pony. The makeup ended up getting really tricky and even with two of us working on the tattoos, they just didn’t do what I wanted and it was 11pm by then so we just winged it with the eyes. I came out looking like this:

ImageNot exactly what I wanted, but it did the trick considering I didn’t have a team of makeup artists like the pictures I pinned on Pinterest!

So now on to Disney Princesses for actual Halloween night. I was supposed to be Rapunzel from Tangled, but the costume just wasn’t working. I couldn’t really find anything I needed and when I went to braid my wig last night it all but fell apart. So I was minorly distraught when I had a brain wave… I don’t know if you heard, but Disney bought Lucas Films and the rights to Star Wars. That indirectly makes one Princess Leia the newest Disney princess, and I realized this would be HILLARIOUS if I could pull it off. I didn’t tell my friends and so when I showed up like this:


The newest princess…. And most BA.

They were pretty surprised. And I mean totally shocked! It was AWESOME. And one of the easiest costumes I’ve ever put together. I bought a white turtle neck from Walmart after work tonight, and I made the skirt out of a white spandex camisole that I stretched over a regular mini and then safety pinned in place. I also bought a gun while I was at Walmart, because whats Leia without a blaster? and everything else I already had at home!

Nerdiest. Best. Idea. Ever. My parents (who bought me the special edition box set of the original trilogy for Christmas when I was like 6) were oh so proud. Then again, they are total nerds deep down too….

I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun with a costume!

Now Halloween is over, and all I can do is hope for some good theme parties soon!


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