I have fancy carpeting. It’s made of clothes and shoes.

It must be the end of the semester.

Why? Oh you know, I have about 200000 things due and I can’t see the floor of my apartment in many places anymore. Yikes.

Confession: I’m kind of a messy person. I’m not DIRTY, I’m just… preoccupied. I’m weirdly organized about some things, like my computer filing system, and I like when my stuff is organized, but that always comes last in my book and when I’m as busy as I have been the last 2 weeks, it tends to fall by the wayside.

I’m all about finding quick solutions to cleaning, especially things that I can just leave for an hour and then rinse clean (scrubbing bubbles are one of my favorite things. I actually think I’m going to put a few cans on my Christmas list…) but I don’t like all the chemicals that tend to be involved with that. Why must you foresake me, you cute little bubbles? I don’t mind you in my bathtub but there’s no way I’m using you in my kitchen…. Anything that I’m going to cook with calls for the more natural route.

On pinterest, I found a tip to clean the toilet by simply dumping in some baking soda and leaving it overnight. I can confirm that it actually works like a charm. And it keeps the fridge from smelling off. The latest pin I tried involves white vinegar, which is something that does just about everything, apparently. I used a tablespoonish of it with hot water to soak my makeup brushes in and it worked so well! I don’t buy crazy expensive brushes but I really like the ones I have so finding a cheap way to clean them was kind of a godsend. The other fun trick I learned? Mix white vinegar with a cup of water and microwave for 10 minutes. It steam cleans the microwave! Now, the pin is deceiving because the junk in the microwave doesn’t just up and vanish but if you wipe it down with a sponge after the mixture, it comes off like nothing.

So there you have it! I don’t have any pictures right now but if I get some more time to try some other quick solutions this weekend I will update!

Wishing everyone luck with the end of the semester, just remember: it’s almost Thanksgiving/Black Friday!!!


I like to live my life by this philosophy.

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3 thoughts on “I have fancy carpeting. It’s made of clothes and shoes.

  1. I’ve never paid much attention to the cleaning tips on pinterest but from the sounds of it I should start! I am a neat freak and my house always needs to be spotless I spend far too much time making sure everything around me is tidy! Sadly, lately to distract myself from studying and doing homework I have been cleaning. Can’t wait to try those tips!

  2. This summer I lived with self-proclaimed minimalists. They did not use any cleaner besides different types of vinegar! I think it’s a great idea to be more natural, less toxic, and more environmentally friendly but unfortunately it comes with a foul smell!

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