Holliday treats!

Hello and happy holidays everyone! We’re in the final push of the semester so I’m filling my days with studying for finals, watching the Inbetweeners on Netflix and pinning like crazy! So really not much different than I normally do… Anyway, I love the holidays. I have so much fun making holiday treats and picking out fun gifts to give and of course, christmas pajamas. It’s a tradition I’ve had since I was a little kid to have a certain pair of winter themed pajamas to snuggle up in at the end of the day and thanks to Black Friday I’ve been able to keep it up! Target always seems to have the best deals on fleece pajama pants in cute wintery patterns.

Now that I’ve gotten completely off topic talking about my pajama pants… This blog post is actually dedicated to something my cousin Sarah pinned and made! While I was content to make a pumpkin pie and a (delicious) apple raspberry coleslaw, Sarah went all out for Thanksgiving dinner. She handled the appetizers and brought a cheese ball in the shape of a pumpkin, complete with the orange color and stem!


The best part of all was the outside. This was like every snackers dream. It was covered in crushed up Doritos! The actual cheese was a blend of cheddar and cream cheese. It wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but since when has that been a thing at Thanksgiving??


She is making one for Christmas eve but has us all guessing what shape that one will be. I feel like this should be a new family tradition… She always makes a lamb cake at Easter, so Sarah is our creative chef, I think she could keep it up for every holiday get together!

Coming up… My friend Shalyn and I are making these on Friday!


Mine is going to be about half that size. And probably not going to look anything near that cute. Cause I’ve learned during this project that while I really like pinning things and the idea of making these awesome complicated crafts, it turns out that in the immortal words of Sweet Brown…





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