The week that deserved yogurt cake

Oh man, Wednesday is JUST ending and I already can’t wait until 3 pm tomorrow when my weekend starts. Between a tragic loss in my family, a loss of love and a million things that needed to be done, I am just WIPED. Thank God for great friends who hold you up when you’re falling down!

Now with that said, I would like to dedicate this post to MICHELLE ‘BEAST MODE’ OBAMA. What a speech last night! She is just fantastic and as FLOTUS, she has promoted healthy eating and active lifestyles. I dare say she’s the best dressed since Jackie O and she is intelligent to boot! I’d vote for her in a hot second if she ran for president. So in honor of Mrs. Obama’s healthy mission, I made no guilt cupcakes this weekend!

My mom and I were craving chocolate but we’re always trying to cut our calories where we can so when I pinned this… calorie slashing cake tricks!

So I took these ingredients:

Devil’s food cake mix


Greek Yogurt?!

and a cup of water and got…..

Cupcakes that between my family and friends, were gone so fast I forgot to take a picture!

They had a somewhat gooey texture and it would have been better as an actual cake, but they were still really good! They had a nice smooth velvety texture and they tasted just great! Once I iced them with chocolate icing they tasted yummy like a normal cupcake! A slice of this cake is like 183 calories, so a cupcake is probably 140 or so? Not sure. But yum, do it.

Annnnd I leave you all with this:

A big shout out to my friends and family this week.

Now here’s to a better next week 🙂


Scarf Attempt

I should probably go ahead and warn you all, I’m actually not crafty at all… Like I can’t cut a straight line…

So I found this really simple looking idea for a scarf made out of a tshirt. There were only 3 steps so I figured it would work out great!!!


It wasn’t TERRIBLE but… I don’t think mine looks like the picture. I think part of the problem was the shirt I used. I only had one tshirt around at the time that I was willing to chop up and I had already cut it down the sides for a workout shirt so it was shorter than it should have been.

Here is what it was supposed to look like: Note the drape-ablity

Annnnd here’s mine…Image

Not so much.

This project means that I will, inevitably, have some crafting disasters on my hands. I think we can mark this one down as the first… At least I tried!!


*Edit: I forgot to add my quote! After reading some comments I’ve come to terms with the ugly scarf… read on*

Look closely….

Start with something simple….


“Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.” – Hester Browne

Ok, so we’re starting with something simple… A mimosa! To celebrate making it through our first ‘week’ of classes, we decided to have a little girls night. I recently pinned a cute picture of a mimosa and thought it would be fun to make them this evening.

The above was my result! We just did the bare minimum with a good ol’ bottle of Andre and Great Value OJ. Next time no pulp, though. It made just enough for the 5 of us in attendance to have a nice cocktail! It seems the trick is simply half and half, with Brut champagne. I’ve made crandberry mimosa’s before but this was pretty fab!

So far, so good. Then again, all I did was mix two things but, hey! It’s a start!



Just a little bit of my life theory…

I pinky promise….

Hello whoever is listening!

As a warning, this is not the first blog I’ve ever started. But it IS going to be the first one I update consistently and actually, you know, commit to.

I pinky promise on my grade in Social Media Marketing that there will be at least one update a week about my sometimes misguided foray into cooking, crafting, fashion, workouts and attempting to live a holistic lifestyle by actually doing what I pinned on Pinterest.

I’ve made a few pins before, avocado toast is definitely one of my favorites (And what I’m eating for lunch today!) but I’m ready to really dive in and make those crafts and gorgeous avocado goat cheese spinach grilled sandwiches. You’ll have to excuse some substitutions though, as I’m sort of… you know… really poor and in college and all that. I’ll also stray from the stuffing my face and tying bows to things aspect and try the workout tips I’ve pinned and the holistic meditation ideas I’ve found.

The internet is full of some really cool stuff, and most of that can be found on Pinterest. So now it is time to take it to the streets and start doing it!